With extreme complaints in the intimate area in the hospital?

2021-09-03 19:01:45 CAROLYN


I have a problem and I have since tonight so extreme pain in the intimate area, with extreme itching and everything that belongs to it. Have a few days ago a Vagisan three days ture made since I already had light symptoms and thought maybe it's a mushroom.

Now that was always worse until it is completely out tonight. I can not help me to help. Have all sorts of creams tried out, multilind, penaten cream, chamomile for reassurance and and and. It all brings nothing but makes it even more unbearable. Now my gynecologist is no longer in the house today and I do not know what to do now. I do not hold it anymore ....

Can one in the emergency room?


I would go to a normal physician. That definitely does not sound like that is a case for the emergency room during the very regular doctor opening hours.

It does not have to be your normal, there is certainly a few of them in your city. And your normal should also have a representation. Call there, signs the situation, and then go.


That's why they are not experimenting around in the intimate area. Especially not with things that are not approved for this ..

Then go to a representation or ask in practice if you prescribe you something. (If necessary, ask for the 116117)

A case for the emergency room is not


Go to the Medicall. On-call service or the family doctor


Yes, I would not wait about the WE, you have pain.


Your doctor has certainly has a Representation, which is responsible for this, but no emergency room. They are already overloaded anyway ......

With extreme complaints in the intimate area in the hospital?