Why are heterosexuals disadvantaged?

2021-09-03 20:06:20 FORREST

In the company there is at least one LGBTQ ++ contact person for all matters. For heterosexuals there is no single contact person.


For heterosexuals there is no single contact person.

except the entire works council and each other in HR?

It would be more beautiful if there is no LGBTQ + contact person Meanwhile, because it is self-evident that people are different, but since that is not the case and those concerned depending on the company is also discriminated and bullied, such a contact person makes sense.


I do not know this LGTB contact persons, that's hardly where. The reason why there is this is to protect against discrimination. My husband and some more tell the colleagues do not even tell about fear of infanting. Since they often tear jokes about the topic and he does not know howHe should understand that. At work, this is often (unfortunately) a problem.

Heteros are not disadvantaged due to sexuality. To put in the sacrificial role I do not find cool. Finally, there is no protection against discrimination because of the preference.

There may be a works council for other topics.



LGBTQ AnpsRechtspartner are not extra contacts for LGBTQ, but for these problems under their sexuality.

For all other problems there are Zig other contact persons (quality management, team management, board members and CO).

Apart from that, they are usually called "equality-beauzer" and thus help each / n who experiences discrimination;)

Since heteros in our society are rather less discrimination based on their sexuality, they have not necessary such a representative;)


Of course, each employee may turn to someone! There is always a contact person! Always.


No .. What do people find so great to be "victims"? That had been something you never wanted. But unfortunately the zeitgeist has changed ... responsibility and guilt to whom one worsens somewhere else, laminates at a high level and calls for "rights". Sick society: (

Greeting, JamesBaxter

Why are heterosexuals disadvantaged?