Girlfriend wants to go to the public in underwear?

2021-09-03 22:03:49 ANDRE

Imagine you have a girlfriend and her since a lake or so and she has no bathing things with and no change clothes, but she likes to go in her slip and bra bathing. The laundry is dark Man sees nothing but it is already obvious that it is normal underwear and not a bikini. What would you think about it? What if she does that regularly?

I find great! Should she like to do more often! CHOOSE 86%

Not OK, prefer to keep your top and shorts. Choose 14%

I do not allow her. Choose 0%


So only so for info I'm a girl, so it's not as if I would just want to biege somebody to know what others would do so.


It may make it for me. The underpants is opaque, that's good.

However, I would then recommend my sweetheart to hang the underpants and the bra for drying, because wet is underwear to wear very unpleasant.

She can Then put yourself for the transition to a large towel or a bathrobe.


Well, if the underwear is not exactly lingerie, as well as simple and opaque, it's still / borderline. For once okay. But generally I find that does not belong. In UnterwäShowing, has a completely different conotation than in bathing properties. It looks obvious, you would have come for what else than Baden.


Well, if I think that's right now? I find it normal. And at a lake she can also hop naked in the water. Advantage: Dry underwear.

Honestly: if it's warm and I see an opportunity to jump in the cool Wsser, I'm sobal the clothes as well as the eyes of the "public" cordially!


Mhm, you should not care.

You can not ban it.

And I think it's okay if it is dark laundry


Actually, the answer options are not quite suitable. What should BItte "I do not allow her" mean. She can decide that himself.

If you're going to swim

with underwear (forgetting floating things) in the lake, that's okay. Otherwise you should be able to think of the floats or what I (if possible) to go naked swimming.

Girlfriend wants to go to the public in underwear?