Why are man and woman in Islam not equal?

2021-09-03 23:01:02 PEARL

Why do women e.g. always pray behind the men, or even have to pray separately from each other? Why can Muslimas miss that?

Seyran Ates is, for example, a very liberal believer and has founded an open mosque in Berlin, where everyone can pray together (also Jews and Christians) and wives must carry no headscarf!

Why Do not Muslims go to your family and demand equal rights between man and woman? According to Islam, the Muslim has a much higher value the Muslim and that can not be.


Always the same ... You must understand one of us Muslims have decided us for Islam we lean and change Allah's commandments neither from nor. We are believing that is the reason why we accept everything and do I personally practice my best but unfortunately I sin too.


For example. Your last statement, value friend, I have to contradict you insofar as there is no place in the Koran, which the woman certifies a smaller value than the man - they are equivalent to Allah! (... even if that in reality is usually not hecked: (

Otherwise it is true natural (and is it from today's perspective completely absurd) that women other - rather subordinate, less important"Promises" than men!

  1. Because Islam - more than the other Abrahamite religions - is a religion of men for men, in case of doubt, always against the women ! "Men are responsible for women"
  2. - say it clearly in the Koran! - It all derives from this!
  3. Because women are presented as "evil seductors" on the one hand, weak and tendery, emotionally labil and intellectually inferior.
Because - as in the early Middle Ages, where Islam is unfortunately stuck - it is assumed that the man is able to feed superior body force alone because of his usually superior physicity to feed his family - under complete ignorance of the fact that nowadays only ,Few few jobs require great physical power: (


Islam says both are equal but the sexes have different tasks and strengths.

Allah has to Adam Eva Create because it was his will. He shuffled his creatures to a male and female being on them support each other's / help.


Very early feminist muslim concerns or female Islam designs were made from the Theological discourse excluded, so male / patriarchal interpretations could cement.

That was not necessarily a phenomenon, which only met on Islam and is an inherent Muslim problem. However, in view of it that religious ideas in many Muslim germanStates still play a central role (if not even state religion, as in Saudi Arabia) than in western, tendency rather Christian-embossed states, this creates an unacceptable discrepancy with regard to the rights of man and woman.

There were great female theological personalities:



Why are man and woman in Islam not equal?