My mother just goes into my room what to do?

2021-09-04 01:04:37 KARL

Apart from that my mother comes without knocking in my room annoys me another thing all the more.

When I'm working and my mother I think so now, I have said a thousand times not in My room

I am 17 and of course also to conceal a few things, I have eg Not only snacks in the trash can. In addition, she admits things, that means I can do my room when I turn back home again.

How can I finally make my mother clear that you should leave that


I clean my room itself! Nevertheless, my mother goes into the room if she sees pair of crumbs


Surprising conversation search, without dispersion or allegations, subject matters.

Safe, first and foremost she is the "main managers" since you ... the owner or main tenant is ...?

But you are not a little child more to help when cleaning up and cleaning but already close to the age of majority. So, so you have to learn about trying and error - so from my own experience - to keep order in your bedroom. If something is broken with you in the room because you have stored it at the wrong place, it is your problem. If you forget dirty clothes somewhere and therefore yoube sought by clothes moths or just not available if you need them - your problem. For such experiences, you learn for your later independent life.

From these own experiences, you learn much more than if Mum cleans and clean up your room for your own standard.

If you have taken out the first one no one will "clean up again quickly or do things more meaningful". But if you got used to it until then and leaves you on it, you then have been shocked for some time. So if not optimal.

Maybe your mother can understand this train of thought.


If you are leaving your room and if you are inside, too, then you have to knock.So she learns that. If you are afraid, because of slouses, then get a dietrich or another lock. Both are in the hardware store


can be completed your room? If so, organize a key.

And take care of yourself around the cleanliness (so suck and dustmucks). Then she has no reason to go in.

One year and you can take off.


With 17 you already have a right to self-determination and privacy. I would explain to your mother, that in your age with your room already legally behaved as with a rented apartment. And she does not just burst in and that you make the cleaning yourself. If your right to privacy is disturbedD, you can even sue her or turn on the youth welfare office, with crass measures perhaps a bit exaggerated for your situation.

Either lock off or make a big shield with "Please call". And for your secrets, I would get a box that you can complete.


clearly clear that you have a privacy can be more annoyable when repeated.

If your door has a colorful lock, you can buy a cinnamon wrench and you can leave a lock lock if necessary if you leave the house.

My mother just goes into my room what to do?