How to love with acne yourself?

2021-09-04 01:06:44 KELLI

How should I (19) love myself when I look like a scattered cake and really everything tried so that this crap finally stops, that can not be puberty anymore I am 19 years old .. None I know that I see I'll desperate soon because just does not help ... creams, ointments, dermatologist was bad and everything, and I'm already eating healthier ..

At the ladies world, I'm not so successful at the ladies world The stupid acne .. it is always you to love yourself but how if I have this stupid acne on the face and feel uncomfortable .. that makes me so depri I will never have a pure face and feel more self-confident .. .


Sometimes antibiotics help, discuss with your dermatologist, if that comes into question with you. Anyway, it helped me.


Healthy intestine, healthy skin . Extes with bioresonance foodstuffs, take probiotics


Believe it or not, but an intrinsic intern therapy often works true miracles.

How to love with acne yourself?