Why does the EU have to negotiate with the Taliban?

2021-09-04 02:01:41 EDDIE

Media report:

The EU is ready for cooperation with the Taliban - but under conditions the foreign ministers have set at a meeting. A chance for cooperation could offer the money not of the Islamists. [...] The Taliban are urgently relied on grants to keep their hungry country running. Also Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn sees in this situation a way to meet the Taliban at eye level.

Why do you use dialogue in terrorists? Is not a sign of weakness?


The Taliban probably hold the offer for dialogue for weakness. But there are also some non-faded those who are aware of the problems in the country they conquered.

We, i. The EU, hardly have another chance to do something for the Afghans than lubricate the Taliban honey to lubricate unwashed mouth. It's about preventing a famine, so you're doing as a neglect with solid business partners and not with terrorists who have not locked themselves to blow up 3000 years old buildings in the air.


Because there is probably no other way to get people out there


No it is even a sign of size. Instead of it justAgain, to make an enemy picture, you can offer you connection to the modern world. Refusal If you have been trying for decades without success or only with negative results (the USA missing to today at chess 2 towers) so try to try peaceful consensus. Acceptance rather ensures that hostilities can be reduced and groups are deradicated


She does not necessarily want. But she wants to achieve something, departure, human rights, press freedom etc. This will only go with concessions.

LG Izurim


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Why does the EU have to negotiate with the Taliban?