Why do not you learn about diseases at school?

2021-09-04 03:01:48 SILVIA

Whether physical or psychic. I find that one should know at least in known diseases, what exactly for diseases are, as they come about what symptoms there are and how to help those affected


One learns at least the principles in biology, chemistry, physics, etc. If you want to specialize in it, you can later make a top-level school like HAK, HTL etc. (is at least possible in Austria Then you can then work the same way) and stop training or studying in the area.

Not everyone wants to become a doctor, nurse, caregiver, rescue paramedics etc. One must also consider that.


In the general education school one learns only the basics for later occupations. In biology, so you probably will discuss only the construction of cells, viruses or bacteria.

But such a complex topic, such as diseases arise, are transmitted and treated, that is higher STOff. This is too complex.

The training in general schools does not replace vocational training, for example, a nurse or MFA.


So in some schools, for example, psychology is offered as a subject because you have to know a few basics.

In biology is also enlightened by various diseases.

But apart quite apart, medicine and psychology are not for nothing studies and not for free also with the most complicated they can take. This exceeds the understanding of most students, especially when it goes into the field of treatment


probably because so many mean that Dr. med. Google the real dr. replace.

It would make sense to make an extended first aidTraining to make for e.g. So things like a heart attack or similar. To recognize so that you know that the ambulance is to be called.

But with everything that does not mean emergency, you absolutely have the time to go to the doctor and should not stop it by yourself Doctor play. Self-medication can be very dangerous.


That depends on the school form. With us, there is even a performance course health, and lessons in care and nutrition science and psychology.

Why do not you learn about diseases at school?