BI at school and how do I start my feelings?

2021-09-04 04:02:47 JUNE

W / 17

For some weeks I feel very attracted to my school by a classmate. I find them very attractive and would like to get to know them better (none of my girlfriends). Generally, I was able to introduce myself for a long time with other girls (just never came to it). So trend bi?

they; Has short hair and your style is something "different". She often wears wide things and short men sports pants with vans. Generally, your style is a little male. She is very intelligent and already a bit shy.

I do not know how to handle it. How do I know if she is Bi / Lesbian? I do not want to excite a great sensation because I'm not sure how to handle the other students. I'm scared my girlfriendNEN then treat me differently and think I would be eg. In love with you when I'm fun on the ass Haare (we sometimes do that).

What should I do?


Learn to know just normally and see what happens. I would not address something in the direction of lesbian or bi, just as you get to know someone with which you want to be friends.

Reminds me somehow the movie "Blue is a warm color," where the movie is already great is not such an annoying teen drama, which I feared first.


Hello Anne,

DSS girl seems to be terrific. So with her clever contact and see what is possible.

You can praise you, for example, just for your clothes style and ask you tips from her.


The Style is a trend of trend with wide stuff and vans

And where do you live city and state then I can tell you about how to handle it

BI at school and how do I start my feelings?