Masturbate without foreskin?

2021-09-04 06:01:05 LUTHER

Hello people a question I have no foreskin because of circumcision How can you best masturbate a tip?


I was only trimmed almost 1 year (15). Since I'm pretty tautly trimmed, I have to take baby oil or another lubricant. I then massage the acorn and the area between glans and scar. Feels pretty well ... Ä

Have fun!


with the hand up and down, even over the glans. Go dry as well as oil or lubricant. The acorn is so dulled after circumcision so that one can drive over the glans by hand, without it being uncomfortable.

Whatever is, with the hand behind the acorn make a ring and the shaft light Compress and stretch from the rear of the glazed edge. Is a great feeling. I did not know yet.


Maybe you wanted that no longer

Masturbate without foreskin?