Help gingkotletten really with tinnitus?

2021-09-04 07:03:53 FRANK

Is a permanent therapy with gingocat totents really helpful in earridding and light, tinnitus-like complaints?


As demonstrably medically active against tinnitus, there is no medicine or treatment yet. There are successes in individual cases and then this is usually in the initial stage, where the tinnitus often disappears from itself.


Gingko looks quite circulating, but many people react with fierce skin irritations .


Hi, Blue80!

No ...... gingko and also preparations with gingko extract help, even with light tinnitus, definitely not.

With love greetings, renate.


Unfortunately, no effect of gingko is scientifically occupied against tinnitus, the effect is no different than placebo.

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In addition, a continuous therapy is not desirable, because the ear specialist should discuss another alternative with you.

At my tinnitus after hearing, Gingko did not help, unfortunately not a cortisone infusions, you get well soon.


Today to take a flyer with a fery where Tebonin is recommended. In it, he is also that Ginko should help.
But this does not pay a KK. A needed pack had been offered pharmacists for 70 €.

But from both of them, Ginko would work safely.

Leave manual headth therapy with original Thai massagen.
Incidentally, I reduce stress. Tinnitus has largely disappeared after 3 months

Help gingkotletten really with tinnitus?