Why do people do not look at the passenger ride?

2021-09-04 12:03:46 ROSALIE

Today I was a walk and I noticed that people do not look at the face, when they pass me on me.

Most of the look straight straight as soon as I look at their face.

What is this or is this very normal today?


Because it would be rude, as it is aggressively applicable to JMD. Good, unless you smile polite, but not everyone is so always to smile on strangers. It is busy, in thought, in a hurry or just interest you can not contact everyone. When I approach JMD and he looks at me all the time, I expect me to address or attack me (verbal or physically).


So well some people look strict although they are not that, of course, they do not like to look at everyone in the face.

It's the Golden Middle I'll tell you to look strictly only on the ground I'm not good but not a lot of the face, I do not look, I put myselfsimply in the others and look that I have a sincere walk with a wide chest and head forward and just look at me where I want to go, also gladly provocative in the faces to get an idea which intentions of humans could have but I'm just trying to give a sign that I noticed this person and he was not completely ignored, I do not know why, but people who are completely ignored by those I do not use them to help if you take over or so, they Then do not get that with and that's stupid, so I like to help I look at people too.


I suppose, for example, rigid smokers to get into a sense of hatred to convey, striking loud,etc.

When I walk along the street, I'll look at everyone briefly to get an idea what intentions this has.

Then I do not look at them anymore. And also go past them. There is no traceable reason to look at even longer.


You have no interest in you! When walking, I want to relax somehow, on nature, at the beautiful sunshine or reconstructing the experienced daily routine. In this case, I ignore all the people coming in the way, I do not give them any attention.

Another scenario: I go out into the park to find someone to chat. And I look aware of the oncoming people. If the view returns,you could greet friendly. When you continue around the parking section, you meet this person again: you say then, "Oh, I've already met her before, you often run these rounds here?" Already a contact is already available!


If you look at people it is not right, then it says, you are staring.

Do not you look, then it's also Not right.

Why do people do not look at the passenger ride?