Why do not so many believe in God in Germany?

2021-09-04 19:01:35 KEN

Did the Mala noticed? The people in Germany barely believe in God except naturally we Muslims in German Lkand. why is that? My Muslim opinion must believe in God God has created the earth and people


This lies in my opinion, especially because people have too much emphasis on what science has discovered and what not. It is not that religion and science exclude each other, but I believe that science alone can never discover the truth completely. She does not have to.

But people look at the past and the previous insights of humanity, which is actually owed to science, and conclude that there is a stable proof for God "Must" otherwise there would not be him.

However, what also plays a big role is the own ego of people. You see that something is happening in your life, orGlobal in the world and my immediately, there could be no God because these things happen, and a God allegedly would not allow. This view I personally believe for too dull, but it is now the human perspective, which does not understand the view of the big whole and the higher meaning of everything.


I believe Not to God. Nevertheless, quite many Germans believe that there is a God. Everyone can decide that for themselves. I am e.g. a person who frights a lot and I can not believe that I or the world was created by a God. Just like death. I believe that nothing comes after death. The complete emptiness. You are then just gone. : D


The difference is, DAce very many Christians believe in God, but it does not have to be constantly saying and living. You do not have to go to the church to believe in God. It is part of her culture, but is not the most important thing and it does not revolve all life. Belief to God does not mean for many Christians that one has to stand to the church and the typical signs of religion must bear openly around and still believe in God.


I would say yes we are just pretty advanced that everyone is believing or not believing as he wants.

No faith is right where a person is another People say that he has to believe or condemned to his belief differently.

The true belief in God is something pures, what a person must make out with himself and God alone


Rational does not exist the slightest reason to believe in a God, if you are followers of a specific religion, you also say the Existence of all thousands of other gods, who otherwise existed in other religions, societies and epochs. An atheist merely denies faith in a single god more than you ...

So the question is not why so many people do not believe in a special God, but rather why people believe in it.

Why do not so many believe in God in Germany?