Why is God's love so unbelievable?

2021-09-05 03:00:34 ROGELIO

Nothing in this world seems to return to this feeling. No worldly love. It's even so full for me that I do not need human love anymore, and I do not need any more secular things, just his love.

Why was I ignorant as athe for so long? Why, did not I think God does not exist?


Why that is not white - would not know which inner doors had to be opened with you, so that God has free train.

That's how it happens to many and everyone Are there any other inner doors that were still closed.


Since when is it possible to feel the love of another?

It's your own thoughts and feelings Create this in you. Of course, as you do you now, I do not know, but nothing comes from outside. Maybe you even feel chosen for something, does it, too.


Greeting from Trollbergen :


Do not leave you up, think twillEven not really it. But just honest, I'm looking forward to every person who has such feelings. Feel loved. I wish every person such a feeling, I wanted something like that. Well you can not have everything, but believe what you want. And let nobody get down


God wants us to enjoy the worldly things. To give up any materialism, in my view of the wrong way is.


You need a lot of experience to believe in God, you were too young and maybe you built a lot of crap so you did not want to see that something like God.

Why is God's love so unbelievable?