Why does not you believe in God do not believe in him?

2021-09-05 04:01:45 CESAR

I mean you would never believe that a house builds itself from itself, just does not make sense


You are right, a house can not build you by yourself, this can not give God either.

There are many reasons why I do not believe in God. Why should I believe in God, but not on mermaids, fairies, magical beings? There are also books about these which are very old, or people who have seen ". Why should I believe in a God who is almighty, but suffering people around the world? There are many arguments against the existence of a God, or arguments for the existence of a God, at the end of everyone has to decide :)


I just think it's well No God in the form gives as the faith usually tried to convey. Just as BeiSspI would believe the Bible, we would all emerged from inbreeding and have supernaturally gorgeous ancestors.

And also with scientific logic, the question can not really be answered, because if it does not exist, who has created the aaaaaaallest element of the world? But if there is him, who then asked him = creating God?

Therefore, I think, should one simply leave it to anyone who has a view. And who knows, maybe God - if it really should give him - exactly that.


There are arguments against God, but also there. Everyone has to decide for themselves.


Because I have too many questions as

Why do people suffer in the world?

Why did not God do what happened against the wars?

Why are people starving?

And so on

I do not believe in God me what bad happened. Since I have often prayed to God for several weeks. God did not do anything and therefore I do not believe in God anymore.


Provisions God according to scientific principles, for example after objectivity, reliability and validity.

Then I could start believing.

Sound is my opinion - God is a concept / construct of people, but may see each other differently.


(question is also what God, the Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hinduists, Shintuists, Natural Gods, Gods of Greeks, the Romans, the Germanic, the Egyptian, the gods of the Stone Age, ....?)

Why does not you believe in God do not believe in him?