Chef asks me something going on, what happened to my friend?

2021-09-05 09:03:40 JAIME

Hello my boss just asks what's going on. With me, hardly working normally. Make many mistakes. I have just a separation behind me. I hardly like something else. The boss asked me because I was always so happy. Should I tell him what happened? He's right, what is Hendrik, is it good? So my friend is called. But nothing is fine. Should I tell him that? As well as that was? Does that make sense if he already asks me?


It goes nothing to your boss if you have separated or not. If work is suffering from the separation, you may want to leave a week vacation for a little time between separation and work. It is unprofessional if you do not have your feelings under control at work and you should not say anything to the boss so that you will not become a topic of conversation in the company.


If you notice the You are not feeling well, with the situation, then talk to someone about it. I would tell him it, so if he feels me too good to be a good listener. I do not know what happened, but you do not have to go into detail if you do not want that. But maybe your boss Dan understands youN, so why you do not really do something or you are not so happy anymore.

All the best


So I would already say that you are not feeling well for private reasons because of the separation.


Tell him! Open and honest - then he can at least understand why you make "bad" work

Maybe he can give you holiday so you can rearrange your life something

Chef asks me something going on, what happened to my friend?