P * nis too small or too big?

2021-09-05 15:04:03 JO

Hi guys!

I am 14 year old and my p * nis is 18.5cm big when he is stiff. Is this over under or on average?


It is above the average. And before you feel really great now - it is also about what most women feel like "pleasant". 17cm are perfectly sufficient for most. Everything about it can be painful in sex (depending on a woman).


is something above the average, normally 1cm per year of life.

P.S. I am over 50 years old ....


This is definitely, well above average, but all good!

The average penis is I think 14cm long.



So 1. I doubt that you have 14 .. 18,5cm and 2. Is it 4cm above the average ..


You are under the cut.

YouIt is older with the size.

or you measured wrong.

It does not measure from the root to the top and below. That's like radius and diameter. No topic, mistakes happen.