Laiset says, with RRG can not get the prosperity, do you think that?

2021-09-05 16:00:59 DIANNA

He does not know that many people live in poverty and do not come over the laps with their pension. Lashing does not want 12 euros minimum wage such as SPD or 13 euros like the left.

If he speaks of prosperity, then he probably says the prosperity of the millionaires then he is right. It is therefore a definition question, i. Wealth for whom. I always hate at the CDU that there is never concrete to whom. It's all so wischiwaschi.

It would be decent to say if RRG forms the government, then the millionaires would have to pay more and that would be a good thing. I'm truly no linker, but it's still good if the property tax would come to pay a bit more than now.


sounds pretty much after a realistic, socialist illusion. Only the millionaires take something away and everything will be better.

The opposite would be the case. The millionaires and better earners are those who create jobs and are already paying the main part of taxes.

If you drive from the country or demotivates that it goes downhill and there is nothing more to distribute. Has seen at Hollande in France and hardcore in Venezuela, where a rich country (oil, raw materials) sinks in hunger and poverty.

In addition, one should always be clear that "poverty" is a pretty much Arbitrary term is oriented on average. Who has less than 60% of average, who is considered "arm" ..Of course, refugees that have just arrived. What you mean in Germany as "poverty" is a paradise for millions of people who risk drowned in the Mediterranean.

Arm's poor means: a warm (social) apartment, internet, enough for Eating (and Alc, cigarettes ..) ... and what in most countries by no means go to a matter of course: a complete health insurance. Everything finances the Malochen, and the "millionaires"

He probably does not know that many people live in poverty and do not come across the laps with their pension.

Poverty in Germany is only a statistical size and no one is starved because of a too small pension.

For single persons, the poverty line is 917Euro per month, for families with two children at 1926 euros.

In October 2019 I had A conversation with our neighbor who was expelled in 1945 as an 12-year-old with his parents from the area, which is one of Poland today. What he had to experience in the years was poverty.
Nevertheless, if the asset tax would come,

The asset tax expired in 1996, not to compensate without the associated tax losses. Thus, the primary transfer tax from 2 to 3.5% was almost doubled. In the meantime, some countries approve a rate of 6.5% and thus almost in the reduced sales tax rate of 7%, however,E input tax deduction.

Stefan Bach: In Germany, most super-rich owner families live a corporate culture, which also uses the broad population: Especially the larger medium-sized companies are the backbone of the German economy, they strengthen the competition with the major corporations Workplaces in the area and usually take care of their people and region. In addition, they keep banks and investment companies largely from their companies and finance investments on equity - which reduces the susceptibility to financial crises or speculation bubbles. That's what you fall for a classic asset tax on the feet, which is charged the equity - even if the company writes losses. DuHe should be careful, especially since they are also complicated.


Trust the election promise is already brave. Not many politicians feel obliged after the election that is truly implementing. In addition, compromises are the essence of a democracy. It's one thing you plan and another thing you can prev. Thus, it is also a basic problem of democracy dissatisfaction. Nobody gets everything he hoped for, but only the stretched compromise.

As a supporter of democracy thumbnail I hope for all candidates that they really love the country for which they want to play. So I do not only look at the election promise but also the character or the impression that the PErson leaves me.

Scholz makes a modest impression on me. He called himself in the first triage a "better-earning". Even on elevated pressure of the demanding moderators, he remained friendly, but steadfast.

Ms Baerbock lives in a multi-family house. She is relatively young for a politician and gladly brings examples from the everyday life of families. Thus she works as if she were quite close to my life reality.

Both at Scholz also with Baerbock came a lot (not everything) what I see so. That with the online prang for tax lend I find borderline. This is clear to me far too far because I think denunity for bad.

With Mr. Lashet I have my problems, I always had. He likes menwhich I can not stand (eg the Merz). On public traffic currents, he reacts almost immediately. This sometimes looks as if he hangs his "always coats in the wind". Although it has become common to the loudest brüller to pay attention and react, but that's not my mindset and makes me mistrust. Does the Lobbiesteum in Berlin last? Furthermore, in addition to Angela in the CDU, many strong or charismatic politicians have become great. For me it feels like you would not play in my team. Therefore, I only saw him as a team captain.


The millionaires will annoy a maximum of a little bit. Whether you have 30 or 35 million in the account is only one number.

The prosperity of EInfo people will reduce the Greens with certainty. Have a look like many people to the minimum wage (or below, because they let themselves be exploited) work and hardly come across the laps. Do you feel better if you need to pay for _alles_ more because the environmental pollution Yes "will be priced



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He has no idea what a social ecological market economy is. In the case of incoming coalition negotiations with the SPD, we will be sure to throw this kind of economic

. The CDU will probably not be on the government, but we would handle it as well, otherwise nothing works.

Climate neutrality is the big CHANCE for entrepreneurial ideas and good jobs in Germany. On the global future markets, "Made in Germany" should be for innovative and sustainable products. Many companies, self-employed and workers have already made themselves this way, we want to support them. Together, we want to create a socio-ecological market economy that reconciles prosperity with sustainability and justice.

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Laiset says, with RRG can not get the prosperity, do you think that?