Foreskin problems?

2021-09-05 19:01:51 ABEL

Hey M14 My foreskin does not automatically go back when my penis is excited is that normal or not? So the foreskin is still completely over the glans and if I would not withdraw her in the seed energy it would collect everything in the foreskin.


This is normal, but so pronounced rather rare. You just have to withdraw them completely if you have an erection and the painless. If everything works, your foreskin is just very long. But that's unless you have any complaints, not bad.


That is actually strange because the foreskin should actually be too short in the case if you understand.


This is nothing bad, have something like that. Should possibly be resolved with a dawn ointment.


In case of doubt, ask the Uncle Doctor. We can not investigate yourself well and then put diagnoses or prescribe you ointments. The doctor's power, we are notDoctors, and therefore this is forbidden to us.


I have exactly the same and I thought that was normal, an answer I do not know now

Foreskin problems?