I'm witnessing both sides of a preliminary investigation?

2021-09-05 21:13:48 CRAIG

My father was bubbled and insulted in the tram and then my father responded as aggressively.

The two have now shown each other and I am the witness of both sides.

I have now received two written witness messages by mail and wants to deny that of my father. How can I do that?


In the incident, you only want to have a statement from you, but because of certificate right of refusal you have to say nothing.

That with two testimonies is nonsense, because you have to write - as a witness against the other party - that the involved in the dispute is your father, specify the file number and make use of witness refusal right.

What does your father say? Extinguishing offenses are often set and reference is made to the civil path.


You go there and will be taught as a witness. You will give you your certificate right of refusal gem. § 52 Stpo open, after which you do not have to testify against your father. Then you say that you would like to use it.

This is then logged andYou can go again.

Did you have a note to be there either a field to tick, or you just write to "I make use of my testimonial refusal law"


You do not have to statements against your father.


How can I do that?

By fighting that you refer to your father does not provide any information

I'm witnessing both sides of a preliminary investigation?