Why do conspiracy theorists say that the US is controlled by Israel?

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There is no conspiracy theory but fact that AIPAC is a very powerful lobby in the USA.

AIPAC: "Better than any other lobby"

"Kosher Nostra"

meticulously pursues the AIPAC, an organization of 250 employees and 100,000 members, the tuning behavior of the Members in Congress and documented It on your homepage. It delivers the parliamentarian dossiers and expertise, organizing seminars on Islamism and terrorism, invites you to group trips to Israel - and it drives donations for election struggles.
The influence of the Jewish lobby has grown abruptly after the seven-day war in 1967. Even Israel State founder David Ben-Gurion had during the second worldWar no appointment in the White House. Meanwhile, almost every Israeli head of government comes to a privilege of a speech in the congress. Every year, the US will provide three billion dollars to Israel and prevent any UN resolution against Israel through their Veto.


AIPAC - Israel's most powerful lobby in the United States from America

07.03.2012, 04:23

In the organization "American Israel Public Affairs Committee" (AIPAC) based in Washington, about 100,000 activists, Jews and non-Jews are involved, About party borders for one goal: the strengthening of the connections of both countries.
In the US, politics does not come to theFriends of Israel by: The lobby wakes up all the laws that could touch Israel's interests. Lack of support of Israel or even an Israel-tanning attitude can significantly reduce opportunities in elections.


because of the enormous influence and power of AIPAC on American politics. Read the English wiki, the German variant is to PC.


Quote: In the US, it is considered the most important among the proisraelic lobbies and as one of the most significant Lobbies of the USA at all. [1


https: // www. DW.com/en/stichwort-israel-lobby/a-5379795


Because many rich and influential people in the US are Jewish, and the USA in case of conflict always Israel's side is.


Since when is that a conspiracy theory?


Conspiracy theorists also think that the president is actually an alien and in Area 51 cowons other flowers together.

Why do conspiracy theorists say that the US is controlled by Israel?