AfD or the left?

2021-09-06 02:05:33 ANDREW

Hey, if you would rather choose the AFD or the left?


The left choose 44%


Each of which agrees for the AFD here - even as a so-called protest voter, the human resilient SA / SS takes Jargon with Völkische Speech and the miserable, bilaterally spalient-sorted hatred. At least.

That is unbearable and there is no excuses for that.

The times for a certain understanding of "protest voters" are over. Everyone knows exactly what he chooses with the AFD. A neonazi party that denies history that differs and offended victims. Neo fascists forming the breeding ground for extremist violence. Not only Hoyerswerda & Co. As a true German, I can only be ashamed.

Wehret the beginning!


Each of the AFD chooses, well, you can already think what you are.


If I would forcibly decide between the two


GDR was certainly better than the Third Reich


none of both parties, Because I do not want to harm Germany love and this country.

I also choose on 26.09.2021 with the first and second voice the CDU .

How should I choose another party? I have only two voices.

AfD or the left?