Was you ever seen naked by a classmate?

2021-09-06 04:04:07 GEORGE

So it was as follows. I was showering and just came out of the bathroom, there was suddenly a classmates that I have known for 13 years before me. We always push us when we see each other for the first time in one day and we did that again this time. I did not greatly do it out that he looked me like that. We told at least half an hour and I was still naked.

Did you have something like that?

No Choose 55%

Yes Choose 45%


We - most of the class - went to Sommers regularly at the Baggersee for Baden.


Yes when showering or in the dressing room.

I find nice that you hug him naked and talk to him for a long time!


must show shower and a few showers too. There!


I have always moved in a closed place. I do not want to be seen naked. Intimate sphere and so ... Therefore, I have never happened to me.

Love greetings


For closing journey 10. Class we were almost all together at the nudist.

Was you ever seen naked by a classmate?