A handsome man has flirted with, can not take it seriously?

2021-09-06 05:02:17 MELODY

Hey I met this boy at work. He started flirting bit to flirt. But we did jokes. What I found OK. He was stopping Bissel Touchey, which I found OK. And has just made compliments, (so that I am pretty and have a good figure) but just charming.

And something I was told for the first time. And I find it very difficult to accept, because I've been rejected 2 times by guys (bad character) although I did not want anything from them. The one boy just gave me a basket and done as if I were totally ached though I just was nice. And then lies about me told and blasphemed about me. I have to admit that has damaged my self-confidence. And now comes such a handsomeThe guy and makes me a lot of compliments.

I know you can not judge the situation, but to you men (or women): Does your compliments be 100% serious? And do not touch Bissel Touchy any idea or something. Even if you only saw you for the first time. Or just want to sleep with the person (sex) and nothing else.

PS: had never had a relationship that's why it's a bit new to me. I have never happened to me. That someone flirts so offensively with me. At all flirts


You can not know. Can be everything. Trust on your feeling. If you are skeptical, let it be. Many / some men think you have to press any buttons in women, pull levers, make compliments to achieve any goal because they (yet) have not gathered that there is a human being to know. But of course there are others. Touchy I do not think well. Leg to touch GAR Not the first time! But I'm not the scale.


Normally, a man does not make something so directly. I would be careful. Am himself a man and go to the 30.

If you want fun, then rather with him but if he gets a good relationship you have to check extensively and skepticalbe.


one can only know very hard in advance. Even if he is interested, and seeming to be perfect, it may still be that he wants only sex. Maybe he's just very self-confident.


be equal to compliments for robbery is more of the "cheap" variant. First to get to know and check out how the other is at all.


There are men who flirt with everyone, or to obtain a return

A handsome man has flirted with, can not take it seriously?