Why is one of foreigners who come from Syria in Germany?

2021-09-06 07:01:56 LORA


I sometimes feel that you have a lot of prejudice against Syrians in Germany.

I am grateful for the policy in Germany not hostile to Syrians or that many Germans have nothing against Syrians.

For example, I work in Aldi.

Some colleagues so often spy with me and constantly watch me when shopping outside of my working hours in our store. (You think I would steal something like Syrer!)

or if I want to drink something in coffee, then I sometimes feel weird and anxious looks from the saleswoman, etc.

I like Germany very much and I feel good canceled.

I know that Syria is a crappy country

What makes me sad, thatS I sometimes will be reduced to my origin.


Are you sure? The actual would be more observed during your working time if you had the suspicion. Maybe the seller is only uncertain as she should behave towards you. Try talking to them. Give them the feeling that you are part of the community or want to be. I believe that has to feel reduced with your uncertainty and not because someone holds you for a bad man.


Because the German fellow citizens of individual cases are so shattered that they are not more Trust and make prejudices.

Today, a refugee from Afghanistan has stabbed a woman, because she has worked.

Through such casesIs a bad picture for everyone. This is unfortunately sad.


Not everyone is the same, but you look closely. Knife Stecher, Bahnraschubser or People who connect their wife to the car etc. are rather from a certain corner .... not only Syria, but Afghanistan and what is there everything. Or Africa. Unfortunately, one hears too much about such cases from the media and of certain groups too little (distancing, help, etc.) and is also known that women have less rights because of less rights.


That I'm really sorry for you. In the ALDI might work very simple people.

Simply seek other well-known and friends.

Each of which is well-suited and integrated in Germany is welcome, GLAube me.

Do you know the Volkshochschule? Since you can get to know many people.


foreign cultures are not unambiguously socially to their own culture. It is a question of one's own existence.

Why is one of foreigners who come from Syria in Germany?