Climate change: Your opinion on this quote?

2021-09-06 08:01:00 MAUREEN

The following quote is from the renowned climate researcher Prof. Schellnhuber:

"I tell you that we push our children into a global school bus, which is fatally crashed with 98 percent probability."

The quote is directed above all to those who still do not take the risk of clearly human climate change and thus endangering the life of coming generations.

Incidentally, I have the quote from Rezos New Video:

It is a good one Quote, which is unfortunately true. Choose 85%

This is a bad quote, the overdamatisieRT. CHOOSE 12%

Other opinion Choose 4%


Of course, it is phased, but still true, and unfortunately, the chance consists of we engage in a blind bus driver at the end of the month. Gruesome.


Schellnhuber, Rahmstorf, Man, Feldmann U.S.. Are dangerous fools. Global warming is not at the anthropogenic CO2. This is proven.ördlich-statt-ode-dennich#ANSWER-386902059

and and There is also a laboratory experiment that the extremely low climate activitiesDiet of CO2 shows.
> in the Rear Chamber, WE Observed Increased IR Radiation due to Backscatter from the Front Chamber. Based on the Stefan Boltzmann's Law, This Should Increase The Temperature of the Air in the Rear Chamber by 2.4 to 4 degrees, but no search increase what found. [...] Thesis Findings Might Question The Foundation of the Forcing Laws Used by the IPCC. Another Possibility Is That Our Setup Has Unexplained Heat Losses That Cancel The Effect of the Increased Backscatter Ir and Prevent Higher Temperature in the Rear Chamber, But After Testing This and Finding Only Slight Losses, We do not lake that this could be the case.
Here the refutation of criticism of the experiment: -Backscatter-Radiation-from-CO2 /
What could be interesting for you, that's the lack of correlation. A correlation proves no causality, but a lack of correlation proves a lack of causality. Within the weight history, the temperature fluctuations have never been in a correlation to CO2 concentrations, at best very low because heating the oceans releases more CO2. See /

> We have been seeing a falling curve at CO2 for 600 million years. On the other hand, the temperature changes from warm climate to ice age and back, absolutely from CO2 independent movements. An apparent correlation can be seen over several million years, but in total:

CO2 can not prevent the fall of the temperatures, as little as the increase in a warm climate.

Basically, a constant decrease of the CO2 is recognizable.

For example, around 270 million years ago rose, and without human influence, the temperatures very fast high in a warm climate (!). That turned out under similar CO2 values, WIE Today (Holocene).

and here p. 9 Download / scripts / scriptum_wachter_2020_mobility_im_klimandel.pdf

> The result of approximate reconstruction of CO2 contents and global temperatures shows the following illustration8. It can be seen that there were long-term phases at low CO2 concentration and vice versa. According to measurements from ice drills, the CO2 content of the atmosphere has never been more than 300 ppm in the last 800,000 years.

The leading heads of the CO2-BASHER know now that they are wrong and SIn particular, it often noticed at cheating. E.g. Here

A favorite graphic of the climatic armists is this here. Looks impressive, right?

Harald Lesch was immediately noticed that the graphic has a decisive shortcoming: it is limited to a too small time interval in which the CO2 hypothesis random, with two eyes, is still reasonable under friends. So he has changed flight the time axis

changed. This was documented here.

The graph also claims the graphics , the cooling influence of the sulfates would have account from 1910 to 1995In the past. Then your concentration would have increased continuously. But they have decreased vigorously from 1975 to 1995.

And the specified temperature also has significant deviations from other representations. And the most important thing concludes: The author of the favorite graphic has described in no publication which data he has used and what calculations he has carried out. And what makes Lesch after you have caught him? He does not remove the graphics with the fake time scale, but does not leave the time scale away, obviously because he thinks himself, he would not be convincing without the graphic. And that the entire graphics selbst is not true for the period shown (also the temperatures in part wrong, besides influence of the aerosols)? No word from Lesch. or here, about the subsequent pickling of the proxy data regarding temperature. from 20:30, actually Ranging from 25:30 to see. It is on air traffic CO2-Bashing prevents the action against the actual cause. Since business interests are left behind and the interest of the military for a long time to fly and consume a lot of kerosene. Donnie It is a good quote, even if it is pointed, makes it everyone who is not so intense with the climate wallEl busy has clear how urgent the situation is. Annette He has put it in a nutshell. There is also available with aircraft, which will crash with 99% probability. Stella I hang on Schellenhubers, Rezos and Harald Lesch lips you have damned all right Climate change is a huge danger for future generations. We must finally do something about it Please definitely choose the Greens on 26 September 2021 !!

Climate change: Your opinion on this quote?