What are stupid things that you thought as a child?

2021-09-06 11:02:52 MARIAN

I always thought that if you have more money at the cash register than you have to pay for you to get no return. That's why I always thought that everyone is stupid because they have never given the money to match :).

What's the attitude?


Ha, there are some. And probably many do not fall on my right now. But I remember a lot.

I'll start with examples:

First of all, a word I have not understood yet: "Why" and "Why" I already knew. But some also said: "Why?" I understood, "Half", and interpreted it so that one knew a thing "just half".

When I was 5, my parents flew the first time without us children on a short town leave, and mine Grandma fit on me and my brother. I had told me that they would soon fly away with the plane. So I sat down to the window and waited, and made it similar to me like the train, who passed next to us (these allRising 5 floors among us). At the aircraft, I believed that this would probably fly past our window, and I also hoped for me that I could quickly wave my parents from the window past the airplane window.

Once my father explained a couple Traffic sign. The red shield "banned" he explained to me with the words: "That means you can not drive here". I wondered, because I thought that you can not drive in no traffic sign !!

As a supplementary sign in serpentines in the mountain area is written below: "Curve!" I asked my father where to be wiring (I was able to read this with the age of 7), but I believed "curvy" is a country like Austria. My father VerstaD My misunderstanding is not.

At 19:30, as today, there were always the news on TV. At that time, the moderators began the program with the words: "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, the headlines." I could not do anything with the word headlines and understood something like "Sleeps", ie Austrian dialect as a request: "Sleep!" I believed that this would be said to children who should already go to sleep and had it very well realized that this was not the meaning of the sentence. But my 3-year-old brother I supposed that this would be called and said he should go to sleep now!

Once the Federal President said on television and my father explained to me, "That's the highest man of eastreach ". And I imagined how high that had to live. So in a very high house with 100 floors or even somewhere in the sky .....

When we often passed the hospital Where I was born, my parents said: "Here you've been born". But at about 4 or 5 years, I could not already interpret the word, and provided that anyone had used a drill for this purpose.

Just like children, how to explain it, how that could be with God and so, I often heard: "God is in heaven and looks down on us". Jesus would be in heaven and Maria, etc and some Other saints. And so I imagined that they had all jobs, with office tables, but among them just long nothing, so about 30 odeR even 100km. But they could still sit there because they were overpowering.

Then still the usual, what you were talked about: "If you are closing a chewing gum, the stomach must be pumped out". So I was very careful with the chewing DS chewing gum, but wattered me when my cousin had accidentally swallowed a why she would not have to be pumped out of the stomach!

Learn to talk that if you Intentionally squinted, one then would remain stuck one eyes. However, I tried this, but it did not happen. So I did not think about Dabeim and just believed that this does not work for me.

Lastly, I remember that as well as probably one of the most mysterious and untouchedDilvincing things just did not know how a child could come into the belly of the mother. After all, I was able to observe this at 3-4 years when my brother was traveling. Since no one could explain to me, I wanted to explain myself to what I knew. A child came to the world in the hospital. One day I mentioned in a round (I believe there were children and adults) that yes, the women probably a doctor "cleaned". My father, that's how similar: "Well, the doctor would have an interesting job, and all laughed.


To be honest, I can not remember anything like that.

What are stupid things that you thought as a child?