Survey: Is the mask obligation abolished when Karl Lauderbach becomes a health m

2021-09-06 18:01:48 DUANE

The chances of becoming Olaf Scholz (SPD) Chancellor are good. Karl Laudutbach (SPD) has already said in an interview that he would have interest to become a health minister. However, it is also unpopular with many, is often referred to and criticized as a panic maker. Is there any responsibility for the "danger" that the mask obligation is never abolished - should he become a health minister?

It is then not abolished Choose 63%

Other response / opinion: Choose 29%

In certain areas, it is loosened choose 4%

It is abolished Choose 4%


I do not believe that the mask obligation is abolished in interior baths, in the outdoor area, it has been abolished in many places.


ever After the development of the pandemic and depending on the danger of new mutations Mr. Lauterbach will seek to adapt the mask obligation. This can be omission, easing or tightening.

Mr. Lauterbach is one of the initially most underestimated politician. He came at the first TV performances and earlier with the fly slightly over.

But he was one of the few scientists, that was always at the last scientific stand and the knowledge situation was not polemically represented Has. In a new study situationhe refined his statements, adapted and rarely revised. Because he hardly had to do that. At almost all, he was correct.

That his worst fears did not occur is not seen in false model calculations from the respective situation. But that people in exponentially increasing infection numbers and the associated images of hospitals have become more cautious.

It can only be glad about it.


It is then abolished when it is morally justifiable (herd immunity, development delta / other mutant, vaccine winding etc) ..

It is definitely not a solution just to choose someone who abolish the mask obligation, just that in FRTells out for which we have to pay afterwards (collapse of the health system).


That depends heavily on development.


It depends on the development of the pandemic.

Survey: Is the mask obligation abolished when Karl Lauderbach becomes a health minister?