Storage student in love with me?

2021-09-07 02:00:44 ANNETTE

Hello! I have been driving instructor for 14 years and so far I stayed - different, like my male colleagues - spared by loversed driving students always.

Recently I got a letter in which a former student admits romantic feelings for me. I'm totally perplexed and do not know if and how to react. Of course I have no interest. The age difference is huge and I'm not lesbian.

She has the driving test behind and since then has already passed a while. So we have not seen each other for a while and there is no obligations for me anymore.

Should I contact her anyway? Looking for a conversation? Can I take these feelings seriously, or am I just unnecessaryAnken about it, she probably goes when I ignore the ignore and do not contact me?

She is a nice girl, I really like it. But with former avoids in principle the contact after passing exam. Of course, I do not want it to be bad. But if I address them now, maybe there is a risk that it starts to brackish staples ....


I think you should definitely report and clarify everything! I used to have the same situation and wrote a love letter to my best friend and I did not get an answer from him. This is a slightly different situation because we have seen each other daily, but if you are in love, both hurts. I had then raised the courage to talk to him and he thought his silence would be enough. Ouch ...

I do not think you start braces. If you give it to her gently and but also tell you that you do not want to contact and you should accept it, then it will be based on it. Especially if you are not even lesbian, then you should alreadyEats that this is nothing ... If you should contact again, then you can also take harder steps: block your number, for example.


You could superior to you two steps:

If you no longer answer, then everything has done and you do not need to do anything.

If you answer with you again (no matter how), then be fair and honest to her And say that you do not want to from it (for whatever reason). Clear open words are probably the best you can do.

The danger that it starts to stalk to stalks, to brackets etc is always there. But you should not go out now. Not every person is a clip monkey.


You can do 2 things:
Wait if you answer again, or
Answer now.
In both cases, however, I would only have a friendly but factually, thank you for the nice letter and clear That there is no interest in a relationship.

I would personally wait for a second contact attempt, because silence is known as an answer.


Stay, and keep professional distance. You may answer you anyway that you have so much openness / honesty / affection frustration, but it does not match your gusto.

Then you can forget the thing soothed.

See it that way, you seem to be attractive, but it's a nice compliment.


Stay Professional and thank you for the letter and wish you a good time.

Storage student in love with me?