How do women pee?

2021-09-07 04:05:40 IDA

Do not misunderstand the question, but how are women pee? So how is the urine in women?

I talked about the topic shortly with my best friend about the topic, and she said she would not sit on a toilet, but for example, try to pee or squat pee, her urine would run down the legs or flow back to the anus.
Is this the same with most women?

If you like told how it is with you.


Uh no, the difference between the "Pipiloch" in men is a halt that it sits on the front of the hose and not penileless.
Nevertheless, it does not run backwards or the legs, does not rotate in circle or glistens, but always goes the gravity after just down.


Butt is It has never run until now but can be an oblique beam because of the labia even if the pressure then is less able to take the sideways the legs, have already caught my shoes in the wildspine in the forest

(So I did not point across my shoe but laterally against the sole) Albert is thatFor most women? They place or sit down. The public toilets not often not so clean. Adrian Suggestion: Looking for a place where nobody can see. Sdann is supposed to leave your girlfriend the pants and just uim are peeing. Then you can see how it comes out and that it does not run to anus or the legs down but almost looks like you. Bridget So we pee, in which we sit down is actually so that the urine is not really good "steerable" by, for example, the labia, and in the in the Pinking everywhere could land except where you want to pee

How do women pee?