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What thing would you like to give others?


Is there any experience you made and now others would like to give? Write them here and let them read others :).


With some people, there is nothing to discuss. You should just let them talk and hope that it will be over soon.

Maybe someone has already made such a experience :)


the older You'll be more self-confident and selfishly. You are trusting you more and can open you better.

If you do not like something you feel uncomfortable, you can not handle, then change something otherwise it would be time-consuming.

Time is the most precious.

I'm jealous of older people in the sense that they have become so old, because you never know if you can do it ourselves so far and long.

Use opportunities, because they could only be unique.

Pay attention to your belly envisionHl.

Everyone can achieve what if he believes in search and has goals.

Only when you were really ill and thought to die now would be the salvation, only then do you understand how unimportant Any things that have been called problems.

It does not matter if you have a friend, several or only the family, the main thing you feel good and can trust people.

Not everyone Can you like you if you know that go through the world and do your thing.

Do not consider too much do it when it comes from deepest hearts.

Show emotions are not weak, but human.

Maybe there are prowere people than you, okay, but what brings it to mourn, instead of making the most out of themselves and enjoying life, DAny nobody is perfect.

There are people who make up people through their own uncertainty, remember that.

Some points are experiences, others who have come to me who have pushed me and the told me.



Hi, Ayeshishere!

I would put on the following:

Stay authentic, and Do not let you bend

Tue right and no one.

with love greetings, renate.


Do not let you fool you, be critical, should be sharp, be faithful to yourself, do not let you exploit, be helpful. True friendship shows itself in need.


in comic reactions by the social environment not unsafe WEarth, but safer. And always say: I'm fine as I am.

What thing would you like to give others?

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