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Build more self-confidence (racism)?


Hey I have noticed that somehow most men stand on bright skin, blond hair and blue eyes and I fight against this thought, against this voice that tells me that I have never had a friend. I can not finish myself. Have thought about let my hair blond blonde to please somehow men. And not to go into the sun to get pale. I'm just southern and find it sad what I thought there. In what an unhealthy direction of self-hat is almost developed if I did not stop. I just want to accept myself fully and do not be afraid to go to the sun because I could be "browner". And such things. What can ICH are still to be self-confident?

I started again with meditation and other spiritual practices to practice them regularly because it's damn good again.

Do you have more tips?


HI ItsfridayThen,

I also noticed that many southern men come together with European women.

I believe that makes in southern women the impression that European women are simply prettier. What I personally hold for nonsense.

I think it's really a pity that you think so. For example, I am very much standing on Latinas so women with southern appearance.

Blue eyes and blond hair are not necessarily beautiful. Even brown skin and black hair are just as nice. You should definitely not change anything about your appearance, which I can imagine that you look much more beautiful in original than umblacked.

I think it's really very sad that you thinkSt, really.

Stay the way you are, you're just as attractive as any other woman too.

All good.


I Personally, southern countries are more attractive :) Do not do it because of men believe me is not worth

If you do it for you, then it's okay


Well not Be sure to most. Only most in your area. Therefore, it does not matter. There are also men who stand on brunette and not on bright skin and blue eyes. Wait until you find someone (or someone you have you) who likes you like you are.


That's fine There are many men where brunette prefer or tanned skin, that's just on which type man you are standing

I mean you can dye your hair but your friend should not choose you just because you're blond, you understand

Build more self-confidence (racism)?

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