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What do you think about the increased fuel price?


Yes, that's not even choose 67%

No, the fuel price are still alright Choose 33%

I'm not affected, ride only by public choose 0%


I have a gas car and would buy an electric car, but do not hold so long, the batteries do not hold so long and that's not great. If the battery is broken, the car is scrap.

Then I prefer to buy a gasoline car and driver longer the same car with increased sprit costs.


People who Instructed on the car, come back to their limits. And it is still more expensive thanks to CO2 levy ...


"Increased" is the wrong word, it is more respected at a normal level. Do not blend from the low corona price due to lack of demand.

I can already remember to have paid over € 1.50 per liter E10 for 3 years ago at the heat summer, DA is still human.

And if the car then only needs 6.2l of it, it's nice too.


They are pretty sausage to me. I honestly do not know how high you are, because I do not really care about it.


Offer and demand Regulue the price! : -)

And my luck is that I live on the border with Austria. I'm going to drive over, costs 1 liter gasoline currently £ 1.15 * PFF: - /

What do you think about the increased fuel price?

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