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Female (14) Is it bad that I do not want to breast?


I'm thinking about it for a long time and never found my breasts really beautiful. I have never felt really comfortable and do not want any.

But since I have pretty big a sport bra does not really help more. My mum does not see it to buy a binder because she says that you can not get away or something.

In contrast, she buys me normal bra's. I just do not want it anymore. I also find that my self-confidence will not get better.

I find if I push them away it looks much better to be "flat" up. I also feel even as a girl does not really want a boy but I do not want to be credible either. I just want to be a person and not really tightlaying what is my gender.

But I do not want to talk about it because I do not really feel like talking to someone about it.

Maybe you have some good tips or so please help me ...

Thank you!


Does not work what you want, men need a little something to look at

Female (14) Is it bad that I do not want to breast?

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