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The distinction between "Super-Straight" and "heterosexual" useful / necessary?


"Super-straeignt" is a little very concrete, this person (which is so designated) obviously not (more), just to be "straight".

is then quickly perceived by many nonheterosexuals as a kind of overpositioning and is probably quite aggressive - "I am the Oberhetero, you comic nonhetero." Or in the art.

I am the right if one thinks that he would be the heterosexualmost of all heteros - please very much. Mostly slightly grossly sleek and shows that the person probably has a few tiny problems with their own sexual identity - even if that is usually indignant. ^^


Absolutely Seniority.

BenOnly people who can not distinguish preference and orientation or keep it important to humble others.


There is a difference between a sexual orientation (heterosexual) and a personal preference. Sexual orientation is sometimes genetically caused, the preference only one opinion. Accordingly, Super-Straight in my opinion is just a name that it would not need.


Drawing Applies is unnecessary. Everyone likes what he wants and should not interfere with someone else.



Who stands only to the other gender, is Hetero.

Which preferences someone has, or what cranky viewsn About trans * persons has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

The distinction between

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