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Why do women usually have much easier to get sex or find a partner?


Who denies that that lies or lives behind the moon. Today, women usually have a lot easier than men to find a partner or get sex. There is a massive imbalance in the area of ​​dating. Should the men also increase their claims so that women can no longer be so strong?


: - D You are funny.

Men have more desire and just take (almost) everything you can get. This has always been like this and will never change.

The women have changed only in the course of the introduction of the pill, keyword sexual liberation. This also shows that it is strongly bound to pregnancy. The woman comes with a sexual act a potential responsibility that the man does not have biologically seen.


This is simple biology, or evolution.

A man tries to scatter his genes as far as possible and does not pay close attention to the sexual partner. A woman, however, wants the perfect genes for her offspring and therefore does not takeEvery x-arbitrary man.

This is the whole of the animal kingdom so and not just the man.

A sex partner can be found easily as a woman (if you want), but not a partner, but not The women (as already said) have higher demands on the man.


Are you an Incel. That does not quite correspond to the truth. Although it is true, the women often have a lighter game but that always comes to the person. That's just because of evolution. Already the men have come to the women and they have beaten. The women then had the choice


very hard to say, as everyone forms his opinion on his experiences. He has a lot of success in women he says no, he has little to no success and ne thereOuter map in the Friendzone then he says yes women have it easier. I had heard of some colleagues what they are so experiencing on tinder Insta and Co .... who are bombarded with inquiries and emails they are pb. The men have it harder if you do not just look like Brat Pitt or how a "footballer" looks around with expensive sports drunk. Women often have the choice and usually they hit a macho of ice cold and only one wants and a thinking of the Stone Age has. The clay's in the world have it hard since you have a very good heart and why always get a season ticket for the friend zone where you can watch how your matching is injured.


Women get lighter only sex, because much more men just sex, aSearch for no relationship.

A relationship get women rather heavier than men, as there are significantly fewer men looking for a relationship ...

Why do women usually have much easier to get sex or find a partner?

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