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I can not come anymore. What should I do?



I am absolutely desperate because I have been true problems for some time to come to orgasm. I was trimmed 2 years ago (with 30) because of a foreskin constriction. Since then it has always become more problematic. In the beginning I was excited that I could. But now I usually do not come to the climax with my girlfriend with my girlfriend, which she also frusted. The last times she has announced her annoyed and we have hardly any sex.

Even if I try to get a down, it does not work anymore. For about 2 weeks I try it almost every night. In itself, this was already more difficult after circumcision, because I was cropped much too tight. But now the NIC worksHt more, although I feel now, as if I had bull eggs. Before I can come close to the shot, "he" will always be slammed. Alone today I tried it for about 3 hours.

What can I do?



You should not put it understood to let him just 2-4 weeks and then Schaumal after relaxed but completely relaxed it's anal maybe it's better you have to let go and calmly stiff your body As it is not really women have to be left and relaxed


I would say that the two events do not force compensation.

Maybe you have to go into your imagination. Maybe you stimulate an idea / fantasy that you do not get in real sex nor think.

Where at what thoughts is it better?


That's exactly what is very often like that. And it can be even worse.

Therefore, I find thatIt is time to talk about it openly that circumcision was "invented" to prevent sex thus to work more .-

has absolutely nothing to do with "divine beings" or hygiene and the Phimosis is in countries where they can not be operated without double a medical report (with otherwise high punishment!,) As good as extinct. And the men can wash themselves!

Even if they no longer help you, seek help of doctors who specialize in giving you at least a little fun back.

At The female circumcision only lost a fraction of the sensations that can compensate for more easily by techniques. But a barbaric act is also for the.


Maybe there is also your diet ..

If you only eat "scrap", you will not produce much seeds.

Some men are simply more curative than others ..

Try pure food ... Fruits + Milk ...

And not so much sharp spices ...


Gives YouTube It an exciting video to circumcize Y-collective.

Hope your nerves were not damaged

Good luck

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