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How do you find it when girls squire?


The question goes to the guys / men :)

How do you find it when girls squired or how do you react? Unfortunately, I quickly quickly (with the masturbate) and are afraid that it happens to sex ...

Do you have any problem with you?

And how do you react when it reacts has happened? Just do her further or do not you want to penetrate into the pussy if the liquid came out?

Thank you in advance for your answers :)


One must clearly distinguish between squiring we in porn - that is far mainly urine, which either purposely or unintentional. I find that less sexy, but in exceptional cases it can happen. Is for the bedding possibly disgust. Who wants to ruin his mattress? Such games should be consulted and present.

On the other hand, there are female ejaculations, about 1-3 teaspoon full, which can be ejected shortly before orgasm at the highest excitement. I think that's sexy and it's quasi a compliment for a great common love game. The quantities are also low enough than that it is not a hygiene problem.

Even with female ejaculations, a small little urine can be addeddepart. Everything a question of the crowd.

At Cunnilingus, I find all that more likely to be less beautiful.


I think that's really great but not really nice and not upset .. find it really nice to see and that shows yes how much one satisfies someone satisfied. Also, it just both bothers me


I think it's great when a woman is like that Unlimited shows that you like what I do!

It does not bother me in the least - not even when licking.

However, you should, however, to enlighten partners who do not know this phenomenon yet, So that you do not think you would have accidentally dazzled ...

Be nice to each other!

r. Driving


IPersonally Finds pretty nice.

I would bother me 0. Rather even more.


My friend thought that I had urinated in the meantime, but where I told him, he found it nice, he has at least said xD

How do you find it when girls squire?

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