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Should I extend my legs to get a girlfriend? (Leg extension surgery)? (Sex, love


I am 19 and had never had a girlfriend, I'm so about 1.72m with shoes.

Should I make a leg extension OP to be 5-8cm greater? Would then be about 1.80m big.

I think I would like to be better in women, could finally have a girlfriend.

To me: Do not look so bad, have it Good humor but I'm just too small. A girl was a little bigger than me, but it did not work because of the size.

Women want a protector man, you can not deny. Does JZ do not come with inner values.

What do you mean? Is so recommended with me?

No Do not choose 98%

Yes Make an Op ChooSE 2%


Hi, ever-cut!

Where is your self-confidence?

There are worse than 1.72m big.

I'm 1.61m and always wanted to be 5cm greater, but what is not .......

You would have to do a lot to extend your legs, that's just too laughing.

Who does not want you so, do not need EST right if you are bigger.

With love greetings, Renate.

Should I make a leg extension surgery to be 5-8cm bigger? Would be about 1.80m big.


I really would not do. That's a much too big risk.

I would rather say that it is at your attitude to you. You are completely okay, sohow you are. Only when you think, I'm not okay, why always remember women and thus you can hunt the reliably in the escape (the smell of the 10 meters against the wind, so to speak).

Please do not do that with the op.



That is not just an OP but several and very painful, because your bones are broken several times. And if you unlucky credentials complications and you can never run again. Then find really no girlfriend.

That's what you should only do if you have 2 legs for different lengths. The health insurance company comes without probably only for it only when it's something, or you had strong mental problems through your size. "I'm not war because of my sizeE girlfriend "If there is not a matter.

So I would beat the idea out of my head and just look after women who are smaller than you. There are enough girls who only 1.65-1 70 and certainly have nothing against it, that you are only a few cm larger.

Maybe it would be offset with power sports.


Always apart that this OP, which is not necessary medically, would not pay a health insurance, you would probably have no longer chances with 5-8cm more. A friend who only associates success with body size and no one needs.


Thus, you could become the laugh number if the legs do not fit the upper body and are longer: -)

Should I extend my legs to get a girlfriend? (Leg extension surgery)? (Sex, love)?

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