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Lonely and nothing helps?


Briefly, I have a fat problem slowly. Never had a slight childhood neither past. The wire to the family is not great either. I have become W / 23 a few days ago - but no one has congratulated me to my mother. I know I should be lived slowly - only it is to be depressing every year ..

I have tried on apps like bumble or pages around something together like cinema, sports, in forums and even personally in groups . So really everything. I know with everyone quite well, but everyone has their own friends already, especially with women, it becomes hard for the reason. With types, I often had the problem that they wanted more and then it was out of them.

You really can not say I do not do anythingHave 9-10 people made within this month with which I was only on a wavelength. The whole life story tells each time again. Then you meet - it fits too (usually the certain something is missing for me) and yes you have then only more and more less contact or expiring. No conversation more etc. I have no strength for that somehow anymore because I think it does not bring anything anymore. I will always be lonely, depressive ... Actually, I just want to get love and give. But as if the right lid just does not fit? It is depressed if you hear "I'm with my friend 5 years ZSM.," And the other "I also 10 years"

And I think .. Wow and I had a relationship 4 years ago was raped , plannedGene, abused, mentally abused Well, etc. - I'm not an inhum I am glad for all who are happy. Only why is I just not allowed me? Pech in the family, in the job, with friends and also in love? Just at all? What do I do wrong or different from others? ... I'm actually faithful but doubt more and more in everything and just wants to die. (Therapies already tried are nothing for me and take medication) Well had to get out - thanks to all who have finished reading: - ((

I do not know this experience but I'm rather a lonewo and so well I go to school and so I'm not so NH outsider people talk to me and but actually it is already depressing I know I am in any depression or so you should find good really good friends that you trust and so talk to those but first you must make sure if you can trust you should notice if that exploits you or so well then then have You give someone to talk I have a tip you first just a best friend around which can be found vllt to yoga or swimming class or in the library there you will find good friends I advise you to meet you with guys or men to meet you do not seem to doWell, that then forget that with your Family I Know That's hard but if no one congratulates you (except your mom) then forget that you should only trust you yourself Even if you are nice, not soft people who were never nice to you Will not be nice to turn off you just contact your mother then call her to abundant and that with no more life Well is not a solution!


Search a Best Girlfriend

-Low guys or men First of all, you are not so genesse depri!

-Kein Contact the Family If you do not congratulate you in general not for you F * CK on the

-damit Your mom is not sadly becoming sad times and Sometimes

DO NEVER DIRY SELFAben you are a great person and you do not need anyone who hurt you. Do not trust so fast people you do not know. Be no dealer as well as I work voluntarily with persons I hope I could help you!




If you have no interests yourself, you will not find anyone with the You can share them. Have a hobby that makes you fun and that you make for you. Develop your personality without others, Joan

I believe sometimes there is simply no solution except to wait and suffer in loneliness. Sonia

You want to get love and give? Since I can give you a tip: I found love at Jesus ChristAnd I would like to pass on other people to other people and can at least on my relatives and acquaintances and here on the internet. Faith in Jesus Christ has nothing to do with the church. Real Christianity is a lively relationship with God / Jesus Christ. Who you get to know Jesus, you will learn love, a love like no person you can ever give you. I'm just about to know this love anymore and more and it's wonderful. Read in the Gospels in the New Testament and pray to Jesus Christ and ask him if he exists or please help him against your doubts. I can only advise all people to start a life with Jesus Christ. I did it and God frees me more and more of my fears, he gives me the joie de vivreBack, who have robbed the years of depression to me and also my strength. I thank God!

All the best and that you too will find God's love!

Lonely and nothing helps?

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