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Brother appeal to it?


Hii So I'm Valentina, am 16 years old and it's about my twin brother [name by support].

[...] has been a girlfriend for a few months (which is also full of ok Haha)

Lately, if my parents are not home, I hear moan from his room and Idk but somehow It bothers me a bit. Should I appeal to it or rather?

Ne Let Choose 47%

Yes talking to Choose 38%

Other Answer Choose 15%


I mean, real you should, if it disturbs you, say that he may make it, if you are not at home or something. Of course I do not know how often or how long you are at home, but if you're there all the time, it's hard to find the right time. In addition, he and you could feel it "unpleasant" to talk about it. Ultimately, you have to know that yourself, but I would say that you should find a compromise.



Yes, but do it somehow with humor sometime, If you have the opportunity to knock a nice saying or so.


Honestly? Let will never be si in his room and later in his own homefeel. Settle better headphones when it's time again. But I can totally understand that it annoys you (head cinema ...)


I would give a saying if the parents are not in goodwake. "You know that the walls are not soundproof ...."


Let it stay.

Brother appeal to it?

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