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Erection when cuddling?


Hello first,

I cuddled with a boy otherwise ... and he got an erection.

I did not find that weird and I know that, especially at this age ( We are still a bit younger), is quite normal. But it was very uncomfortable.

He did not talk about it, but I realized that it was totally embarrassed in front of me. He once said that he's not just about sex and he is important to him that I know that.

I just did as if I had not realized it and did not say anything about it.

How should I react to such a situation, so that he also knows that it is nothing bad ... should I talk to him about it?

We are (yet) not together ... and would like it slow Let's go ... itShould not lead immediately to something sexual ...




As you said, the younger age is normal. I'll expect you to be between 12 and 18 years old. There you are in the middle of puberty and there can be an erection ever.

Do not bother you. So he quietly assumed that he does not have to be embarrassed because it does not bother you.
The erections will sometime also let up the more often to cuddle together etc. The body is also used to the situations.

It is important that you say it, as I said. He will never be able to relax because he always tries to get an erection or tries to hide so you do not feel it. That makes you probably very unteny too.

Hope I could help you.



So I male (14) would not do it because you know that's really unpleasant. He will get it under control someday and at some point you also certainly have your first time and then I would like to say it is easier to talk about it: D

Tip: Does it just make it more often it's normal And then he gets no reader anymore.


Try to approach him and make nice compliments .. He will continue to have a stiff, but at least it will like it.


You have reacted correctly. If her cuddly cuddles and that happened several times, that's no longer embarrassing for him.


You should clearly tell him that for you is not a preliminary stage for sex. He has to learn that. Even if it is a problem for him.

Erection when cuddling?

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