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Generation "smartphone". Is such persons not think of it at all that they, e.g.


Who has not ever watched it? e.g. on the platform. Small groups stand together in the circle and instead of communicating, everyone pushes around his smartphone.

Yes, meanwhile, almost everyone of us is likely to have a smartphone, is a great invention for communication and retrieval for information, but That can not be the life content that you all forgot around?

Nice example: We had a barbecue celebration some time ago, was really cool, we've been rumgealbert together and tore around a few stupid sayings as it runs on a barbecue. Among other things, there was also a girl, which was actually only accessible to deal with her smartphone. Did you address them, zero reaction. They had to tap them first, so you could talk to her. It was not just she, but also some other people. Now at the last barbecue celebration again. This time, however, I said to the appropriate persons: You do not need to come back, a barbecue celebration now lives from personal communication and not everyone on his smartphone. So Arrividerci, you do not have to look here anymore.

Of the relevant people complete incomprehension. My explanation: Yes, each of us has a smartphone, but you do not have to hang around 60 minutes 55 minutes before. This is also the reason why I do not have a buck on you, especially, in terms of your own obvious disinterest. So bye. Sayyes no one, if you answer a message, but, at least, as you have pulled through the grill celebration, where it is about community communication, on such an asocial behavior, there will hardly have a desire for it.

Stay, complete incomprehension, but I do not care. Bye and done. At least because it was not the first time.

Who of you also knows such "unarted" and how did you react to it?


I can only understand you too well. I wonder why such people at all become a party, a party or similar. If I'm invited somewhere, whether to eat, coffee or on a glass of wine, it leases the courtesy to turn off the smartphone so that food and conversation with the host and the other guests are not disturbed. Only for the extraordinary case that I would have to be achievable, I would put on vibration alarm and apologize to go shortly outside. We also expect the same from our guests. But that did never have to be said. Luckily, those who are behaved.

I do not belong to the generation that has already come to the world with a mobile phone, and we have no friends, the SICh Sun as social behavior as you described it. A barbecue with people playing only on their smartphone, na, wonderful, very atmospheric, because I eat my sausage or my steak rather at the next snack bude.

would not be the small 1x1 of the good sound from the younger kinship. Master smartphone, then I would take him aside at the right opportunity and explain the game rules. Of course, I would not allow myself with other people. However, I would not reinvest these people again. You can spend all the evening.

You seem to be a whole corner younger than me. Of course you can talk Tacheles with your buddies. But maybe I would have them in a nice tonet, why you did not find your behavior well. "Do not need to look here anymore," that's already brutal. That's a real break. - Maybe I see it too easy, but you can not run the next barbecue under the motto "Barbecue without smartphone"? And it should really come only people who are willing to take their device with you in the desk or how to go into the garden or on the terrace.


I can Such an extremely rude behavior honestly also does not stand.

I sometimes look something when something is still stressful after such a few discussion or something very interesting to me, what I have heard just before and wanted to tell,Partout does not think so correctly, but immediately afterwards my smartphone is already gone again.

Fortunately, all of my environment are just as well. And if only one of the whole evening is only on the smartphone, there is only 1 ~ 2 fun waving with the fence post and then a clearly formulated, serious request to pack the mobile phone and if that does not help, this person was the last time with me.

If you do not want to deal with the persons with whom you sit together, then you can stay at home. I do not need fun brakes.


Since you are right, on a fete, the phone belongs to silent and in the pocket, unless I fly straight with whom, but why am I then to the partY gone? The information is not gone, and can not be so important that I have to run around the phone all the time.


Why so unsure? Have decided correctly. Finished. If you encounter such persons, you will ignore them directly because they behave rude. You can also get a box and pack all cell phones as a condition forn barbecue.


howl times not so rum, look sooner who comes to your communicative party, then there are so situations Not, and you can save a giant text about a long-known phenomenon ...


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