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Why are people stare on the legs? Do you also have such thoughts?



I'm mega unsure, I have a little admitted to us feel really bad I remember how fat I and especially my legs become. Well .. If I sit next to my friends I noticed that the myself is full of my legs what Mega makes me uncertain. I have the feeling that I want to tell me that I have fully increased and it's done I do not know what I can do about it and then do my hands on my legs but is totally funny. I hate to sit because in sitting my legs look twice as fat as they are and it's so unpleasant. Do you unconsciously look at your legs or extra? Because I have the feeling that make the extra and this really long .. and do you think about it? I do DAs everything just finished, I know that sounds ridiculous and I could just lose weight and not here so around whining but by my eating disturbing binge eating disorder this is not possible I also have Bulimia nervosa but I will not lose weight because of the binge eating. .


In your case, look at your legs because they are too thin. That does not look good and therefore unconsciously started. If someone looks back on the street with a disfigured face you look unconsciously. That's the same with you.


Your profile picture ... So I think they are very thin. Can it be that you are anorexic? I think if you are anorexic you have to go to the doctor or a therapy. The cigarette on your profile ... If you smoke you get less hunger. It could also be that you are smearful for smoking ... I just say one thing: Go to the doctor and listen to smoking!


If you are so unsure, because you find that You end then it comes to youJust like this?


They look at it because they find women legs very nicely. Only therefore.


So if that should be your legs on the profile picture, then you are more too thin

Why are people stare on the legs? Do you also have such thoughts?

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