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Is Benzinguch for you pleasant, at the tank?


I like that. Why?

Yes Choose 55%

No Choose 45%


is not mine, is rather disgusting.

In a question someone has answered:

When inhaled, the toxic and carcinogenic benzene is (up to 1 % In gasoline included) the biggest problem. Other ingredients also cause dizziness, dizziness, nausea. Ingestion leads u.a. to massive pulmonary problems. Repeated skin contact must also be avoided for different reasons (et al. Also benzene mount through the skin). So always sufficient PSA or other precautions such as suction etc.

Link the question: - Gasoline-inhaled-and-can-be-durable-smelled-from-gasoline-unhealthy-being


None of it.I always found Benzingeruch. But it is carcinogenic. I used to go there earlier at a gas station for a good half hour there. After some time, the Benzinguch no longer was so beautiful. I was really bad and did not want anymore.

Try. If you get a long time you will be bad about it. You may have to be handed over at some point! It is strongly carcinogenic! There is benzene in it!


Nah, but the exhaust of certain "cheap" scooters / motorcycles. ^^

Even if the NTRL is unhealthy and I therefore Meide ..


Is So. Rather but no


I honestly too. The smell of diesel and gasoline has something. I can nDo not say exactly what do I like that despite all that.

Is Benzinguch for you pleasant, at the tank?

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