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Suicide thought / depression / dead?


I've been looking for suicide for 6 years, was several times in the clinic and also take tablets for my depression.

What I noticed, but I've made this 6 years of 0 progress, I'm very often Sparrow in the forest and lens with my family but constantly is there a voice in my head that says "kill you now" I never had a girlfriend and friends I had since I did not know either. I see everything constantly gray-black and Get rivities where I have everything and everyone (really everyone) Since my childhood, I was bullied by my fellow human beings and damned in the loneliness what brought me to anyone to believe in anyone and only to give me love, everything else did not count for me .. I wantBut only be happy but I get nothing on the turn, nothing.


In my view, the root of all evil is the well-known overthinking. So the constant thinking about things you (yet) do not know or can not change. Consequently, thinking about these topics does not make sense.

In general, something that is not productive is too many thoughts is always bad. The less you think about life, the better.

My balance after about 20 years


How would it be your anger and fear and grief in that Whatever you have never dared to do it. I just go out tomorrow and do what you always wanted to appeal to ZBS women. And believe me it will not happen to you :) You can not lose :). lAce the emotions on the side and be a bit stubborn. Good luck


See something that is really fun, what you can do well and stay there. No matter what. BTW: Most Mobbers are just jealous. By the way, I'm so synonymous that I sometimes hate everything and everyone. I help to offend everyone in the head. I was bullied earlier, but thanks to Ju-Jutsu I finished her (if she tries to attack myself) and since then they leave me alone and are even quite nice. Martial arts rummages very well.


With the setting "I hate everything and everyone" you will never be happy if you want to hear that or not. I myself was depressed for years and had fears. I also had part EAnimal hatred on all people. Since I have experienced paranormal demonic phenomena, but I was aware that hell probably exists and that held me from suicide or even suicide thoughts. Earlier, as a teenager, I often have a suicide of loving and once, when I was admitted to psychiatry against my will, I wanted to go through it, but it should not be and I am infinitely grateful, because then since October 2016 I would be in the Hell. I can only give you some advice: I have given my life Jesus Christ and he has turned everything to the good. Thanks to Jesus, I was able to lose about 35 kilos within a year (had probably about 150 kilos of binge-eating) and above all I have learned to love, my participantsTo respect and break with all the bitterness, everything envy and all anger. You do not believe how well it feels free of all these burdens. It's twice as good when you can forgive and let the hate and anger and envy. I've learned how God loves me and wants to pass on this love to my fellow human beings. God gives me my joie de vivre and strength, which told me the years of depression and fears. I thank god! I can only advise all people to start a life with Jesus Christ.

To the votes: That may sound for you now maybe silly sound, but that's probably demons. You want you to change so you can pull your soul in hell. Jesus Christ KanSave yourself!

Suicide thought / depression / dead?

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