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Do not you look like if you are not labeling?


Recently, with a girlfriend, a little discussion had a little discussion, whether one is really out, if one does not label himself, so related to the sexuality. She meant yes, but one assigns no sexuality directly. What do you think, are you still outside?

Thank you in advance :)


MAN "OUTS" with each of his deeds. In this case, not as a certain sexuality, but as a person who consciously not priced this. That too allows conclusions to your character. In some positive, other negatives.


When a boy knows that he is on girl, you do not like it, right?

is the same as if a boy is on boys and is not labeling. TRZ he can say to his family that he rather stands on boys than on girls. I Mean you do not always have to set yourself in a group. If you think that and that's the way it is, then that's the way. You do not have to say directly, "yes well now I'm just (to stay in the example) gay there I have toIrk label ".man thinks rather:" Well, I'm on guys but that's completely normal. "Or do not you mean?

Hope that was understandable O.O


Yes but mysterious.

Do not you look like if you are not labeling?

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