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May other manufacturers build a Lightning connection?


So everyone knows this charging cable from Apple, but may theoretically use other manufacturers also use the same connection? So now not it would be wise, because then you would have to pay shares in Apple, but I have never seen another heneller that for his smartphones use the AppleRuhluss or the charging cable from Apple.


Apple keeps the patent on the connection. That would be against his own philosophy, as much as possible to earn hardware. Therefore, no normal micro USB or type C. One has built a certain monopoly. Nevertheless, Apple's licensed accessories from third-party providers.


If you clarify this with Apple it works. But why should you do that? The USB 3.2 Type-C connection can transmit up to 20GB / s (for USB 3.1 still 10GB / s). Lightning, however, can only transmit the data rate of the USB 2.0 standard (according to tests because no specifications released), ie 480MB / s. Why should you then build Lightning?


When Apple allows you.

It is not a free StanDard.

Money to Apple pay is not enough, Apple has to allow you that already.

May other manufacturers build a Lightning connection?

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