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How much should you have a liter of gasoline / diesel in your opinion?


In Germany, fuel is cheap. There are therefore too many cars.

One liter of gasoline should cost 7 € and a liter of diesel 8 €

My question therefore: how much should a liter of gas and a liter of diesel in your opinion cost?


So .... Let's take the truck that brings you the food into the supermarket, the post transporter that brings you your Amazon order, the bus that goes for you, the train still drives you Diesel used because no upper line stands etc etc etc cost per operating hour at once twice if no more.

Even you (who has possibly garkein auto) would make it full.

or even better. .. I repair fire trucks and drive a diesel driven transporter. My ways to get there will be bigger, the city pays it, your taxes go on it the diesel becomes more expensive; D


You can use burners, but then you have to offer an alternative. Which should that be? Open and bicycle? DAnn no longer comes to her workplace. There is no alternative that is so efficient that the current vehicles can replace - neither hydrogen nor electric.

And cheap is not fuel with us, honestly knew a country in which it costs so much. My daily work route with a diesel costs 12-13 €.

To 1.80 or 2 € I would probably agree. But this must give on the other side but for occupational commuters tax relief.

One liter of gasoline should cost 7 € and a liter of diesel 8 €

If my salary is 7x so high, then it may cost me so much from me .

Otherwise, I connect the person who ensures, and every person is right nowRope around, so you can pull a cart like a horse, after all, my purchases have to be transported somehow over the route to be moved.

And to work (30km) you can still bring me.


No, in Germany the fuel is expensive. The prices are now ok. They may fall quietly again.

How do people who do not live in the big cities come to work? There are hardly buses and trains.

Other measures are more meaningful and are better in the population. The public transport should be improved. Grade in small towns should drive this regular.

With me in the city there was a good line network a few years ago. But on the basis of an EU guideline mustT reduces the route network because the buses are allowed to drive a limited KM number every year.

The consequence of it, it ride less by bus, but instead more with the car.

More useful would be exactly the opposite. The bus connections should be promoted.

There are too many trucks in long-distance traffic. Very many trips could be laid on the rail. But that is not wanted by our train.

So before the small guarantor is sanctioned for political goals, the state should prefer to fulfill its obligations and expand public infrastructure. Grade in the rail network prevails urgent need for action.


Your claim is nonsensical.

In Germany is powerFabric cheap. There are therefore too many cars.

In Germany, the fuel is not favorable at all, comparisons with other countries.

That's not the reason why there are many cars.

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