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Tips I'll put my phone away?


I noticed in Lockdown (even before the Lockdown) I'm pretty often on the phone, I'll start myself that I am very often just without any reason on the phone, then I asked myself why you're back on the phone. , But I've really tried my phone to go away for a week for a week, it also worked but then I was on the phone again for so long. If your tips always have it;)


1. Plane something beautiful, what you do after the AM phone.

2. Meet yourself with friends

3. Walk

4. Turn off your phone for example 1/2 day


Hello, maybe the next points will help you:

  1. Give a different person's phone
  2. KA whether this is at Android, but set on screen time
  3. Search other activities
  4. The app you use so the most and you are not necessary (Messenger and phone but rather NED) and no longer install
  5. First start with small steps / goals
  6. Vlt. Also rewards

I hope I could help you a bit;) Patricia

Da GiveTS Many possibilities:
  1. Save a new hobby
  2. Meet yourself with friends instead
  3. Legise your phone far away
  4. Turn out an alarm One (eg for 2 hours) and put it away as soon as it rings

etc Cecilia

the phone completely turn off that you start first. Then you do not happen that you have, if you have it, for example, on the table, in the passing show. Agnes

SAG a career, you would like to provide the key lock with a code known only to your known code.

As a precaution you should inform contacts that you do not answer for example at WA immediately can!

Tips I'll put my phone away?

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